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Enhance Internet Explorer Security - 10 Jul 2013 13:19

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Online security is very important as long as personal and business users are concerned. Hackers use different techniques to break the security. The total threats are divided in the following three categories:

· Social Media Attacks-
Includes hacking email, banking and social media accounts, sending spam links to contacts.

· Direct Attacks on Computer System-
Includes attempts made to hack a computer device, steal personal information, using background monitoring programs and keygens to record user activities

· Cross-Scripting-
Includes attacks on a website/ server with the intention to disrupt business activities, delete data, modify information and steal customer details.


Most of us consider Internet Explorer as a secure web browser. It contains dozens of features that protect your computer against cyber attacks, security threats, hacking and other malpractices. No doubt; there are certain vulnerabilities too.

Warning System

Internet Explorer has a warning system. It protects you against dangerous and malicious downloads. It lets you to take decision before downloading anything on your system. Warning system ensures that you are downloading only safe and secure content from the Internet.

Warning System warns you whenever you try to download a potentially dangerous, malicious and harmful content from the Internet. For instance, you may receive a warning message that a particular file is not commonly downloaded and could harm your system. Make sure that the file is stored on trusted server. The warning message comes with three options; viz. Delete, Actions and View Downloads.

ActiveX Filtering

ActiveX Filtering helps you filter dangerous content on the Internet. It helps you customize the list of websites that can run ActiveX Controls. You can choose particular websites to run ActiveX Controls. Running ActiveX Controls from malicious websites can cause system unstability, attacks on privacy, hacking and other risks. If you want to turn off the ActiveX Filtering feature, use its button located on the left corner of the screen.

SmartScreen Filter

SmartScreen is used to protect your system from malware. This feature catches suspected websites which contain malicious content. It will instantly alert you whenever the site is unsafe.

Protection from Unauthorized Tracking

There are so many websites which use the latest technology to track user activities. Internet Explorer is equipped with advanced tracking protection through which you can safeguard your privacy.

You can get Tracking Protection List and install it on your system. These tracking protection lists are available from trusted sources. You can enable or disable third-party tracking.

Be Safe from Cross-Site Scripting

Internet Explorer comes with protection against cross-scripting risks. Cyber attackers can easily get access to your website code and add malicious code in it. It helps them grab information from your visitors and steal important business information.

Technically such risks are known as Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities. A site may be vulnerable of such attacks. One can easily get access to website HTML Code and modify it with wrong intention.

The latest technology used in Internet Explorer web browser quickly identifies such attacks. Once these attacks are identified, it neutralizes them.

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Enhance Chrome Security - 09 Jul 2013 11:53

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Google Chrome is a stable web browser. It uses SSL settings for secure data encryption. SSL is known as Secure Sockets Layer which is used while different fields are being filled with information. The browser contains many security features such as Trusted SSL Certificates, Computer-Wide SSL and adjusts web content in a mixed content website. By default Google Chrome security settings are set to middle. It offers SSL and many other security features.


Set Trusted SSL Certificates

Set Trusted SSL Certificates in order to improve Chrome security. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Click on the Wrench icon.
2. Select Options from the menu.
3. Click Under the Hood tab | Security | Manage Certificates.
4. Here you can import, export and renew the SSL Certificates.

Select Computer-Wide SSL Settings

1. The first option is “Use SSL 2.0”. It is an earlier version of SSL protocol. It is also less secure.
2. The second option is “Check for Server Certification Revocation” which enables us to track real-time verification. This type of check provides an extra layer of security.

Control Display of Mixed Content on Secure Web Pages

SSL-secured websites starting with HTTP can load content from insecure resources. This is because of the mixed content showing ability. Hackers modify the insecure resources to change the behaviour of web pages. An alert appears whenever you try to open such web pages.

Google Chrome provides three levels to deal with security problems. First one is to block all insecure content, second one is to allow insecure images and third one is to allow all insecure content.

If you select “Block all insecure content”, it will not load insecure images and show a broken image icon instead. Red boxes are shown against Frames and iFrames. You can apply this setting for particular page through the “Show all content link” on the top of the webpage.

Through Insecure images you can see the images which are separately marked for their identification.
“Allow all content to load” option enables you to load anything without security restrictions.

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